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Like most photographers, I am obsessive about my work. When it comes to print sales, I don't let my obsession end once I display my work. When I am contacted by a client wanting to purchase a print, that obsession continues.

I take and process all print orders myself, and make sure the print going out meets my expectations. I do NOT do my own printing, I leave that up to professional imaging labs. As a result, I do not have it set up to purchase prints directly through my website.  

If you are interested in a print of any of the images found on this site, please email me at the Contact Me link, and I would be glad to assist. If you would like a custom size not matching the typical sizes listed, I can and will work with you to custom create a print order, tailored to your needs.

Prints can be done in almost limitless ways, on standard paper, fine art papers, on metal, on wood and even behind acrylic.  There are so many options, I enjoy working with each client to determine which medium fits best with their needs.  If you are interested in purchasing a signed print of my work please use the Contact  link at the top to email me directly.  


Travis Rhoads